Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hear Michael Cera Read a Story

I have to give famous actors a lot of credit: none of them really look like me. (I have never ever been mistaken as famous.)

But when Juno was released, I heard quite a few times, from at least a handful of sources, that (and, “-oh my God...”) I sound like Michael Cera. This fact became more of a reality for me when I heard recordings of my own voice, like the one I want to share with you now. So, what the heck. Let’s milk this thing.

Here, Michael Cera reads a story. (Link will direct you to YouTube, where I read Chapter 1 of The Almost Crime.)

There are other imbedded, dubious honors in this blog post. Have you ever wanted to look up an author’s nose? Here’s your chance! You get to see my head larger, even, then it is in life – because that’s the only way I could get close enough to the microphone for you to hear me. And my wife’s lovely wedding decorations are hanging on the wall, in the background. I take full credit for showing them to you.


Let me share something with you about YouTube, if you’re thinking about making a debut: it’s weird! For one thing, it’s very, very easy to show yourself to the world. I thought, “Perhaps I’ll do a reading on YouTube.” And thirty minutes later, I had the thing itself.

For another, you only have a couple of choices. There is a button for “Record,” and once you’ve Recorded, your only choices are, “Upload” (go live, to everyone) and “Restart” (erase everything you’ve done, so far). There is about as much room for error as there is during an audition, or an interview. I didn’t realize this until I did it!

Bellow* is a complete list of links of all the YouTube clips I’ve uploaded, so far. (New links will be posted, as they appear.) Please take note of all my mistakes, so you can learn vicariously through me: (Chapter 1)

*I made this mistake about a million times, when I was working as an assistant science teacher in Indianapolis, In. and was creating assignments. I leave the typo here as just one more example of what not to do.

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